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So, after several years, updating this. I'm now 24 and most of the way through vet school, which has been quite the interesting and grueling experience. Well worth it, though. Not only do I get to help people and animals, I get an insane amount of knowledge to yell at the TV, movie or book that I'm reading when biology and medicine start getting skewered. It's awesome fun.

I'm absolutely terrible at posting anything on my journal (see my grand total of two posts), but I post to communities a lot, since I still haven't gotten rid of this fanfic obsession of mine. I've become a bit broader in my tastes, though. Now I love not just American sci-fi/fantasy/superhero, I'm also head over heels for some British, Japanese and assorted random things. Maybe one day I will have time to actually keep a blog and start reccing to people.

I'm leaving my previous bio below this line, because I hate deleting anything and because it's interesting to see what a different person I've become in six and a half years. Hopefully less bitter, but life's been a bit gentler with me the last few years than it was when high school was ending. And at least as a vet, as awful as some of the things we see are, we also get to see some absolutely amazing things. Life and death; birth and loss; despair and hope. Yeah, it was a good professional choice for me.


Me? I'm a senior in high school . . .make that three high schools. One is for English, and I'm in love with but can't attend their band program. One, known as the Center, is for math and science, and is the best thing that ever happened to me. I've met people there that have become as close to me as friends can get. I have had the best teachers in the world, who honestly don't mind being called at home at one in the am the weekend before a big test when we're studying and absolutely cannot wrap our minds around something. Then there's my home school, which, with the exception of the band room, I would like to see burn. They should definitely thank the Lord that I am not Pyro or Ororo, because if I was, that school would not be standing.

Other things about me . . .I write. I've written original fiction and, just this year, tried my hand at fan fiction, mainly 'Pirates of the Caribbean', with a few tentative jabs at Tolkien as well. I also love to read. And, with the advent of calculus (the most evil class in existence) and my new habit of consoling myself after each failed test by renting a movie, I have become a Johnny Depp fan.

I also play clarinet. Music is life. Without music, there is no life. Music is the heart and soul of the world, of humanity, and when I'm not playing my instrument I'm usually listening to some form of music.

Oh, and CSI. I am a CSI fanatic. As with most things I become addicted to, I came in after the big rush. The main different with this addiction? They were actually still making new episodes as I caught up on the old, and have continued to do so.

Family is the fabric that makes a universe. My family in Michigan consists of two brothers and my parents, as well as my grandparents and a really wonderful aunt. Everyone else lives out East, in Massachusetts, near Boston, where I was born and where my heart still belongs. My family has had some tough times lately. My grandma had liver cancer, and is still very sick. My dad's favorite brother came down with liver cancer and isn't expected to make it. My father is on call to go to Iraq. My favorite uncle in Alaska is on call for the Air Force, and my youngest cousin says he'll go shoot the President before he let's his daddy be taken away again. My uncle has only been home for two Christmas's in his son's seven years of existence. Ain't the military grand?

I am an animal lover. Even the dog that tried to eat my nose when I was three was unable to cure me of this affliction, which is leading me swiftly down the road to becoming a menagerie-owning vet. Of all animals, felines of all kinds and canines, most especially wolves, are my favorite. On occassion I will howl at the moon, hoping someday to be answered by someone who understands.

What else . . .Oh, I love Lord of the Rings, the books and the movies. And . . .huh. Well, there's my relatively boring life in a nutshell. Now let's see where this lovely LJ thing takes us . . .